M. "Walter" Levine has been called a "walking B12 vitamin shot" and "an inspiration to other cancer patients." When people speak to him, they get the feeling that anything is possible. Walter's energy and optimism is infectious.

Starting his first business at 6 years old (salvaging, recycling and reselling used clothespins to the ladies in his building), Walter has been an aluminum siding "tin man," hairstylist to the stars, alarm systems salesman, television producer, and oil man – and that's just the short list!

Walter's journey has taken him from the tenements of East Flatbush, Brooklyn to the heights of personal and business success. Along the way, he has made hundreds of wonderful friends and business relationships. All began with one simple question:

“How Can I Help You?”

With this simple question at the core of everything he does, Walter has built several successful multi-million dollar businesses and a happy personal life by helping others achieve their goals.

As an author and speaker, Walter shares the winning techniques he perfected while overcoming the many obstacles he has faced over the years – including the literal fight for his life. In a grueling struggle with multiple myeloma, bladder and melenoma cancer, Walter was forced to muster every ounce of his fighting spirit to beat this aggressive disease.

He now uses that resolve and resilience to help others in their quest to survive and thrive, and he shares those principles in his new book, How Can I Help You? The Most Important Question in Business and in Life.

Walter is also a popular speaker on business, the art of sales, and overcoming obstacles for businesses, civic organizations and charities.

How Can Walter Help You?

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Business Leader, Author, Cancer Survivor