"You have about three more days left to live. Go home and get your affairs in order."
Many people fear hearing such words. M. Walter Levine, a successful entrepreneur, heard them in 1992 from a New York hospital doctor. "That was pretty frightening," he recalled.

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M. Walter Levine

From the streets of Brooklyn, NY, Walter Levine, salesman extraordinaire, has built ten successful businesses. Learn practical successful sales and business techniques from a guy that has done it.Creating successful enterprises, building and training sales forces, rebounding from failure, and overcoming obstacles has given Mr. Levine an extensive base of real world experience. To every program he delivers, Walter applies analogies, examples, and proven solutions that can be immediately implemented.

Early in his career, he was a graduate of the Wilfred Beauty Academy.  He worked at the FountainBleu in Miami as well as owning salons.  He has worked with Lucielle Ball, Edie Gorme, Barbra Streisand, Phyllis McGuire, Jane Morgan and others. 

As a Dictograph burglar alarm franchisee, Walter was the number one sales manager worldwide for five years. Walter grew this business into a multi-million dollar enterprise, which became one of the top 20 alarm companies in the U.S. with over 100 employees that he trained and motivated.Bahama Reality and Dictograph selected Walter to develop and conduct sales training programs for regional sales forces totaling over 4,000 sales people worldwide.

After turning over the management of the alarm business to his son, Mr. Levine mortgaged it all and went into equipment leasing syndication business and expanded into, oil and gas exploration syndication, and real estate syndication partnerships. Walter personally built and trained a 200 person sales force with 10 offices nationwide that enabled the company to grow into an $870 million dollar business.Walter’s forte for overcoming obstacles is not only confined to business. In 1991 Walter was diagnosed with multiple cancers. After a stem cell transplant and taking sea cucumber (complementary dietary supplement from Australia), Walter continues to be in full remission.
For more information regarding the dietary supplement sea cucumber, see www.sea-cucumber.com.

From his work in helping cancer patients, Walter was granted a private audience with Mother Theresa, which increased his desire to help and work with others. There are now over 750 cancer patients that are alive due to Walter’s intervention. In the collage on the right we see Walter Levine being greeted by Mother Thersa. Also on the left are two photos of Walter with his grandchildren as he recovers from his medical treatments (17 years ago), as well as "fun time" photos with some notable people.

Another highlight in Mr. Levine’s lifetime of achievements occurred in May 2004 when he was awarded an honorary PhD in humane letters from the University of Bridgeport. Walter was a guest lecturer and hosted the M. Walter Levine Lecture Series at the University, which had proven to be a campus favorite. Walter’s proven sales training and motivational techniques that contributed to his success and those of the many people he has trained are available to your organization. His practical, “street-smart” approach to business, his ability to motivate others, and his experiences in the health field make him a much sought after public speaker.

(For a stirring rendition of a song created for Walter and many of his friends facing life's challenges, click here for the words and music to "Follow The Light", written by Adam Safir. The words to the song follow.)

Follow the light
into the ocean
there is life
there is hope

Only God knows why
but I have a notion
don't tell me "it's time"
I'm ready to fight

Doctor if you have no cure
you better work that phone
I'm gonna drive that drop-top home

Well they said I was dead
"Technically dying"
They made my bed
and showed me where to sign

But I moved ahead
and left them lying
Twenty years later
I'm more than fine

Doctor if you have no cure you better throw it deep
I may be dead but I'm not asleep

Follow the light
Follow the money
Now tell me who's the fool?
I live for the day when life so precious rewites your formulas and rules.

Follow the light into the ocean...

Walter Levine Lecture Series

Mr. Levine has been delivering unique engagements combining his actual business experiences, lasting inspiration, and proven sales skills. Importantly, Walter customizes every presentation to specifically meet the client’s requirements and audience’s needs and background.

Following is a list of some of the prior speakers at the Walter Levine Lecture Series at the University of Bridgeport:

- Adnan Durrani, President of Condor Ventures, Inc/partner of the Blue Chip Venture Company. Founder of Vermont Pure Holding, the parent of Crystal Rock bottled water.

- Ray Joslin, President & Group Head, Hearst Entertainment & Syndication/Dr VP, The Hearst Corp., ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN NEWS, -Classic Sports Network, Lifetime Television, Lifetime Movie Network, Lifetime Real Women, and A&E Networks, The History Channel, The Biography Channel and The History Channel/Capital Cities/ABC, NBC

- Stew Leonard, Jr., President and CEO of Stew Leonards’s
Dairy Stores

- Marc Lasry, Founder and Managing Partner of Avenue
Capital Group

- Jim Nantz, Emmy award winning sportscaster and author,
known for his affiliation with CBS Sports and recently awarded Sports Caster of the Year

- Jeff Schwab, Intellectual Law Attorney, Ableman, Frayne & Schwab/NYC

- John Klein, Chairman/CEO/President - People’s Bank

- Chris Shays, U.S. House of Representatives, 4th District
of Connecticut


Walter Levine was honored by the Boy Scouts of America at a luncheon on November 16th 2005, at the Holiday Inn, Bridgeport, CT

The Good Scout Award is given annually to an individual who embodies the spirit of scouting. In both his business and professional life, the recipient must display integrity and a commitment to serving and helping others. Further, the Good Scout Award recipient must always be an inspiration and example for our youth. Walter Levine is such a person.

.......and, in addition to these and many other activities and ventures, Walter is also the manager of children's book author/illustrator from Australia, Michael Salmon. For information regarding Michael Salmon and the many wonderful children's books he has written, go to www.michaelsalmon.com.au.

A recently developed brochure summarizing Walter's Key Principles For Achieving Success as well as a number of testimonials, is available in printable format.
Click here to link to the brochure.

Also, Walter Levine is available as a facilitator for product placement through his associate office in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Mother Theresa

See a copy of a letter which was sent to Walter Levine,
several years ago,from Mother Theresa, which prayed for
Walter and his cause.
(Can be easily printed.)
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Read about Walter Levine's meeting with Mother Theresa in the Westport News by clicking HERE.

M. Walter Levine is available as a speaker for corporate and trade association meetings.
You may contact Walter Levine at mlevine114@aol.com or 203-255-9100.

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Walter has a major involvement with AtmosAir Solutions, which develops and markets a complete product line of advanced clean air products.

Click here to link to the AtmosAir website for complete details of their product line.


Another of Walter's major activities, is that of sole US Distributor and sale of a product called TBL-12. It is Sea Cucumber which is harvested off the shores of Australia, processed and shipped frozen to the US. For a brief summary of this sea urchin, visit Walter's Sea Cucumber site by clicking here.

Click Here for a printable pdf version of a flyer summarizing the benefits/background of the product.

Walter Levine and High Speed Video

High Speed Video is a highly available managed service for desktop telepresence and enterprise grade video communications. HSV offers the only fully featured, software based service-delivery platform for enterprises looking for high definition, highly secure and reliable video communications.

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